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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

By the numbers

312 days of planning
7 books consulted (countless web sites)
153 dehydrated dinners
156 breakfasts
23 packages of chicken salad (yup, dehydrated)
55 packages of homemade trail mix
23 boxes for mail drops
 made up of 294 pounds of food
15 friends and coworkers mailing out packages
2,184 miles from Georgia to Maine
through 14 states
176 days of walking
2 people on the journey of a lifetime

Sunday, February 17, 2013

What's that on your back?

Well, quite literally everything we need to live will be carried on our backs for the next six months. 

This will be our home for six months

It's actually pretty roomy and light.
Of course, bedding is important.
When blown up, these will be our mattresses.

Everything we need to cook
Of course, you've got to bring the kitchen sink.
A water filter, since we'll be pumping water out of streams and ponds, and first aid items.

Knife and compass

Toiletries.  No deoderant...there's no point when you only shower once a week.


(but they're really light)

   Iphone and MP3

Food (pretty important)
All wrapped up into neat little packages

Ready to hit the trail!