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Monday, March 25, 2013

First few days

So, our start of the trail was a cold one, but very fulfilling. We made camp the first night at Hawk Mountain, with about forty other folks on the same journey. The cast of characters is an interesting mix. We met a trio of hikers that we dubbed the Friar Tuck gang because of their attire. The one we called Friar Tuck is a rather large young man, who was wearing a long black skirt, orange cloak, basket as a pack, and straw hat, complete with bright pink ribbon. They were quite a nice bunch, but not equipped well. We haven't seen them in the last two days, so we're not sure if they continued on.

Day three was a nice hiking day - cloudy, but not too cold. We ended our day at Lance Creek and made camp with two others who started when we did.

Here we are at the end of day four, sitting in a cabin outside of Blairsville, GA. We hiked most of the day in the rain and as we came to civilization, we agreed with all the other thru hikers that a warm bed for the night was in order. We picked up our first mail drop and were surprised by how much food we still had left from our first leg.

We are getting ready to start day five in the snow. Next in town stop Franklin, NC.