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Monday, April 1, 2013

Bye bye Georgia

Georgia weather was cold and snowy for most of our journey. At our stop on day four, we realized that we were not as prepared for the weather as we thought, and we ended up having to buy me big waterproof snow mittens since my hands were continually going numb. Despite the fact that the trail has been difficult to traverse because of slippery mud (Keith and I both fell) and ice and snow, we are loving our adventure. Every day we meet new and interesting people. We have been the recipients of unbelievable kindness and generosity. Random folks have left snacks and cold drinks at many of the trail heads. A few days ago we were coming down the trail where it crossed a dirt road, and there were two groups of folks with food set up, and a big bonfire going. One couple drove from their home outside Atlanta to greet hikers with chili dogs, home baked goods, sodas, water, Chapstick, tissues, etc. free to hikers passing through. Their son had thru-hiked last year and they wanted to show kindness to other hikers. Amazing! Last night, after hiking for the last three miles in the rain, we were greeted by the Omelet Angels, who had large canopy tents and tables set up, and were feeding hikers made to order omelets, biscuits, bacon, sandwiches, coffee, etc. just to be kind. They also gave us a ride in to Franklin, where we are taking a rest day today. Yesterday we passed the 100 mile mark atop Mt. Albert. What an incredible feeling! If I can hook up my camera, we'll post more pics. Below are those from my phone: Keith and I at the GA/NC border, at the 100 mile mark, and the group pic is of the Omelet Angels.

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  1. Love it! Keep on blogging...stay safe you two!
    Kendra, Leigh and Alex