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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Jersey

Well folks, we survived the trek through Pennsylvania and are at mile 1300.1 in New Jersey. I will admit that the rocks in PA made this section physically and more particularly, mentally challenging. Both Keith and I fell, and the long hours of looking down at rocks was somewhat disheartening. Most of the other hikers we have talked to agreed that they were getting the Pennsylvania Blues and were happy to get the hell out of PA. 

One highlight was our brief stop in Palmerton, where we stayed at the "jailhouse" hostel in the basement of the municipal building. We made it into town early and Keith's brother Brian drove 3 1/2 hours with his wife, Laura, daughter Amber, and granddaughter, baby Evelyn, to spend the afternoon with us. We had a great visit and it was a definite mood booster. 

When we left Palmerton, we had a 1000 foot rock  scramble up the superfund site. Because we had sent our backpacks ahead, the climb was actually fun. We've been told to expect more climbs like that when we get to New Hampshire. 

We tented two nights ago on a grassy overlook with a fantastic view and watched the sunset. 

Yesterday, our walk into New Jersey included a road section where construction was going on. 

Next up New York!

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