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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 16

Well, I've made it past the halfway mark without cheating once!  Last night, I had co-workers over for a team dinner and despite the freely flowing wine, I poured myself a mineral water in a wine glass and didn't even feel deprived. Dinner was Greek themed - souvlaki, Greek potatoes, salad, baba ganoush, veggies, tzatziki, and pitas.  I admit, it was really difficult to make the tzatziki sauce and not have any.  I almost had a slip up when I did my normal taste test for seasonings and then suddenly realizing that I had just put dairy in my mouth, immediately spit it into the sink and rinsed my mouth out with water.  Ok, maybe a bit drastic, but I feel pretty committed to the process.  I can't say I have noticed any extra bounce in my step or fantastic surges of energy.  It's difficult to say whether or not my allergies are any better either.  One huge thing that I'll attribute to Whole30 is that I have had two nights of sleeping through the night (until 4:30 am) which hasn't happened in years.  I could use a whole lot more like that!

Next week, I am traveling for 3 of the 5 workdays.  I won't have much say in where we eat, so I might be eating a lot of plain salad and grilled chicken.  I plan to have an emergency stash of nuts and Lara bars (some flavors are just fruit and nuts).

That's it for now - 14 days to go!

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