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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Whole30 - Day 1

For those who don't want to be bored by my daily ramblings for the next 30 days...well, don't read this. As I said in my last post, I want to keep myself accountable and committing to posting daily will help with that.

If you're still reading, you might want to know what Whole30  is and why I'm embarking on this particular 30 day journey.  The premise of Whole30 is that "Certain food groups (like sugar, grains, dairy and legumes) could be having a negative impact on your health and fitness without you even realizing it." To find out if these foods are affecting you, you cut them out of your diet completely for a full 30 days. No sugar, sugar substitute, grains, dairy, legumes.  NONE.  Oh yeah, no alcohol either.  Including red wine, which prompted Keith to snort with a somewhat evil laugh "good luck with that."  

OK, "so why would you want to do such a thing?"  you ask.  Good question. The main reason is the extra 30 pounds I've put on since the hike, despite my best efforts, dieting, running, and working out. I also suffer from terrible allergies that seem to be getting worse.  And, I'm tired.  I haven't slept through the night in years.  Will this cure all that ails me?  Maybe not, but I figure it's worth the sacrifice for 30 days to find out.

Today was day 1 and so far, so good.  I didn't have to modify the way I eat too much, since lunch is usually salad and some kind of protein anyway.  I didn't feel like I was hungry between meals, so that was a nice change.  My only difficult time today came after lunch when I really, wanted a piece of gum.  It's like dessert to me.  I admit freely that I'm addicted to chewing gum.  Hey, there are worse things.  But, I'm committed to the no cheating policy of the program, so I'll push through.

All in all good day.  Let's see how day 2 goes!

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